Character Counts

The above video is a representation of the hard work that Character Counts Club Acting Committee members put forth to help educate and excite our student body about our school-wide Character Counts program and to aid students in understanding the meaning behind the character traits that we celebrate! The presentation is about trustworthiness and was viewed and discussed by all students in our school through their class council meetings.  This video is from 2014 and features Michael Baker, Sonny Beck, Tanisha Bradford, Hannah Dively, Elizabeth Fiess, and Jaden Rowe.
Information about Character Counts:

The Claysburg-Kimmel Elementary School is proud to utilize our character education program, referred to as “Character Counts”.  Character Counts is a school-wide initiative aimed at increasing acts of positive character throughout our school, students’ homes, and community, while decreasing peer conflicts and behavior referrals to the principal.  Students have the opportunity to be recognized by their teachers and other school staff for demonstrating any of the six character traits upon which our program is based:  trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship.  Students are awarded “Bulldog Bucks” when their words and actions exemplify our character traits.

Each month, a drawing will take place and 5 winners per grade level will be selected at random from those who have earned Bulldog Bucks.  Students who have earned more Bulldog Bucks will have an increased probability of winning.  The students who are selected will have their choice of character related prizes.  These prizes will allow our students to proudly display the character trait for which they have been recognized.  Students will also be acknowledged with an achievement certificate and through participation in a group photo to be displayed in our school.

At the end of each month, the Bulldog Bucks that each child has earned will be sent home.  It is our hope that this will further strengthen communication of positive student efforts between school and home.  If your child brings home Bulldog Bucks, please praise them in any way you see fit for a job well done.

While we love recognizing students for showing good character, it is very important that our students understand that showing good character does not mean they will get an award every time, or even a bulldog buck. Our monthly random prize drawings achieve this aim.  In addition to the monthly drawings, students will also have the opportunity to work toward recognition for their exemplary character over time, regardless of chance.  When bulldog bucks earned for the focus period are returned, students can elect to save them in a safe place and aim to collect certain combinations over time.  When students have saved up six bulldog bucks for the same character trait or one for each of the six traits, they may redeem them for a prize and special recognition for spreading outstanding character throughout our school.

We will be emphasizing and focusing on particular character traits throughout the year.  Regardless of our monthly focus, students can be recognized for any of the character traits at any time.  Students will participate in a classroom guidance lesson led by our school counselor that is geared toward further understanding of each particular trait during the focus periods.  We will also be having “Color Days” during the focus periods to celebrate each character trait.  During Color Days, students are asked to wear as much of the specific color as they can to show their support for Character Counts.  Information about monthly focus periods and Color Days can be found in Counselor’s Corner, a bi-monthly publication sent home by our school counselor.