America's Farmers

America's Farmers  



 America’s Farmers Grow Rural Education is looking to help local schools like us with 2.3 million dollars in funding to grow science and math education in rural American schools and we need your help.

  To be eligible to nominate Claysburg-Kimmel School District you must be 21 or older and actively farming a minimum of 250 acres of corn, soybeans and/or cotton, or 40 acres of open field vegetables, or at least 10 acres of vegetables grown in protected culture. 

Grant applications are judged based on merit, need and community support. The more farmers we have nominate our school district, the more it demonstrates community support and strengthens our application. For more information, visit

Click here to nominate us now online!

If you prefer to print out your nomination and mail it in click on the link below.

You may phone them at 877-267-3332 to nominate us.

We will also have copies in the office if you prefer to stop in and pick one up.

Thank you for your help and support!


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