Emergency Closings

Emergency Closings  




When the school day in jeopardy due to inclement weather we will announce a two-hour delayed opening.  This announcement will be made over the media as soon as possible.  On these days the district will only run one Blue Knob bus with the first pick up at 8:45 am.  

It is our hope the two-hour delayed opening will give the road crews enough time to make the roads passable for our buses.  During a two-hour delayed opening, parents and students should listen to hear if school for that day will be canceled.  We try not to have canceled school days if at possible since each of these days must be rescheduled.

The quickest way to receive information about a delayed opening or cancelled school day is to listen to your radio.  The announcements are made over the following stations:


TV Stations: WTAJ WJAC

Updates will also be posted on the News page of this website.

It may be necessary on severe weather days to have an early dismissal.  If we have an early dismissal due to inclement weather, secondary students will be bused home first.  This will help families where both parents work and need the older student to supervise the elementary child, who will be coming home on a later bus.


Parents who work and have elementary students only should make arrangements with neighbors for supervision of their child when he/she is sent home early due to inclement weather.

Miss Royce Ann Boyd