Learning At Home March 25-April 8

To access the resources, click on your grade and/or teacher's name below.  Please continue to check back daily for important messages and updates.

3/31/2020-AR is now available and you can take your AR quizzes at home!  Please click on the  Alternative Resources to Enhance Student Learning link and click on  Accelerated Reader for the link to the website and instructions on how to access.

Dear Students,

This webpage is full of instructional resources that will help you maintain, improve, and master key concepts in many different subject areas.

Claysburg-Kimmel Elementary suggests that you visit these links on a daily basis and complete the suggested daily activities.

If you do not complete these suggests activities, then the skills that you have acquired over the school year thus far may diminish.

Please know that these activities are NOT required and will NOT be submitted to teachers if we return to school this year.

Again, we strongly recommend completing these activities to help you maintain your reading, writing, and math skills during this time of uncertainty. 

To Parents: Please know that you do NOT have to print these activities out for your child to complete them.  If you do not have printing capabilities or do not want to waste paper and ink, then simply have your student complete the suggested activities using paper and pencil.  As stated above, these activities are only district suggestions for students to complete.  At no time will your student need to turn this work into a teacher.  These activities are only given to help students maintain reading, writing, and math skills.

Yours in Education.

CKE Staff


· Click on your grade level link or a specials teachers link (i.e. Art, Music)

· Begin working on the daily activities

NOTE: If you have Mrs. Ferguson, Mrs. Weiler, or Mr. Clancy for a subject, please refer to those links before selecting a grade level link as there are special directions on each of their pages.

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Alternative Resources to Enhance Student Learning